Factors in determining tree removal cost

Tree removal is a daily activity. In as much as trees adds aesthetic value to the environment and has so many uses, there are circumstances which might call for its removal irresistibly. For every ecosystem to be complete trees must be present. An environment with a good number of trees will always look beautiful and adorable. It has been noted globally that an environment with many trees experiences adequate rainfalls, this has called for different initiatives to plant trees in different regions and formulate strategies to conserve water catchment areas. There are a good number of reasons why one has to remove trees in the farm. Some of these reasons involve ;

Land clearing.

Trees might occupy the large space in the farm. A farmer will always remove the extra trees to provide enough space for farming. For you to enjoy economic of scale in the farm you need to remove unnecessary trees in the farm. A farm with so many stumps might be frustrating to till. Stumps will also make the farm ugly and might create an enabling environment for weeds hence increasing the capital used in the farm.

To remove the extra tree branches

Extra branches might cause disturbance and interfere with power lines. Ones a branch is long enough to get in contact with the power lines it might cause deadly damages and might be expensive to compensate for the damages. It is, therefore, important to remove extra branches since prevention is better than cure.


Tree removal is necessary when creating space for construction. Before you establish any foundation when constructive a house, you have to remove the standing trees and stumps fully. This will ease leveling of the foundation hence its stability. Similarly, it might demand the removal of trees to pave the way for road construction.

Removal of large trees

Trees are very important resources. It is necessary to remove large trees in the farm for other uses. Trees can be used to make timbers, which plays a key role as far as home building and furniture making is the concern. Trees can also provide posts for fencing the compound. Buildings under large trees are a risk. It is very important to remove them in time because they might be stormed by strong winds. This will cause fatal accidents and damages.

Removal of fall on trees;

Some of the trees fall naturally as a result of strong winds, earthquakes and decay. This fallen tree makes environment untidy and at some instance it might cause injuries and even occupy space. It is important to remove this fallen trees as soon as it falls. ;

There are so many varieties of trees each tree has its own removal cost. The following are comprehensive factors determining the cost

of tree removal;

Tree condition;

The condition of the tree determines its cost. Removal of Oak trees, for instance, might cost around 999 dollars. The price is rather expensive because it is one of the famous hardwoods. Its toughness makes it difficult to remove. ;

Tree height;

The tree height determines its cost of removal. Pine trees normally have a height of around 65 to 85 feet. Removal of this tree costs around 500 to 1500 dollars. Its height needs professionals who have brilliant skills on tree removal. Removal of such trees might involve cutting into small manageable sizes as you come down;

The location of the tree;

If the tree is located around the premises, or the tree falls on a house. This is rather expensive since it requires a lot of keen to prevent other possible damages. Removal of such trees might demand reinforcement of machines and expensive equipment for safe removal. This might cause more expenses hence cost increment;

Job complexity;

Some trees requires high techniques to remove them.it is quite frustrating to remove such trees and normally it requires experts to handle the task. Its complexity might make it costly to remove. ;

Diameter of the tree;

The diameter of the tree determines its cost of removal. The wider trees takes a lot of time to remove it and at some cases it consumes a lot of fuels.;

Soil condition;

Soil condition determines the removal cost, especially when dealing with stump removal. Some soil is rocky making it difficult to remove. This is because rocky grounds complicate the root system of the stump. On the same note the age of the stump, stumps number, its diameter and the tree of the stump will always determine its removal cost.

Tree removal is rampant in any society. It is, therefore, important for all people who are interested in removing the tress to consider their need to remove it and the cost involved.